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Elmi is a graphic designer and internet tech consultant for authors and small businesses starting online.

Her talent lies in creating order through visual design, branding, and UX, and applying it to websites and other online portals (like an Amazon Author Pages or a Facebook Page). She enjoys working on websites the most, especially WordPress sites, and has assisted with tasks ranging from email list setup to complete website overhauls.

She has a Bachelors degree in Visual Communication, and has been studying non-stop for the last 15 years, expanding her skill set to include self-publishing, e-book conversion, internet technology demystification, and cover design.

In her spare time, when she's not writing short stories under a pen name or chasing her two toddlers around the house, she creates beautiful cards, decor items, and scrapbook pages; sometimes for clients but mostly for fun, because creating pretty things makes her happy. She considers some of her craft designs her best work. After all, "design" is not limited to client briefs and office hours .

Work History


In her final year of studying, Elmi interned at a small but influential multimedia company.


After graduation, she started working as the sole in-house designer of a small IT company, Blue Ant Productions, that developed web applications for clients. Her main task was transforming educational content into interactive lessons for an LMS using Macromedia Flash. Tasks included photographing equipment and processing the photos, creating lessons in Flash, creating animations and interactive lesson elements, creating the script and editing/integrating the voice-over for each lesson. She also took care of other design-related tasks like company branding and creating UI elements like icons.


After two years Blue Ant closed and she started working at a different IT company, Fourier Systems, that was 3 times bigger. She was the sole designer once again and was responsible for all design-related tasks, like newsletter design, application icons and splash screens, product websites, and corporate identity. She also took on additional tasks like creating video tutorials, software documentation, testing and QA of applications, and converting CAD files into simplified, color-coded floor plans for use in a security system.


She left Fourier Systems when she moved to the other side of the country. The plan was to start freelancing, but instead she fell pregnant. In the months and years that followed, she submerged herself in the world of self-publishing, and acquired new skills like e-book creation, fiction writing, cover design, and self-publishing novels.

She also started working with WordPress and fell in love. She kept up to date with social network apps, different web platforms, and self-published two books.


Elmi is currently involved in a number of author groups, including the private group for Kindling (a paid members-only group for the Kindle publishing platform by Geoff Shaw).

She helps other authors with their websites and technical issues through 1-on-1 consulting, ranging from e-book formatting, setting up permafree downloads and helping with websites, to demystifying email service providers and uploading to e-book retailers like Amazon and Kobo.

She also runs a number of websites, including 2 blogs, one on Blogger and one on Wordpress.com, both 7+ years old.

Additional Education:

  1. How To Thinking Sideways: Career Survival School for Writers by Holly Lisle (a comprehensive 6-month course on writing and publishing fiction)
  2. How To Revise Your Novel by Holly Lisle
  3. Kindling by Geoff Shaw (making money self-publishing to Kindle